USA Native Speaker Conversationalist In Gdansk, Poland

Hi, my name is Nathaniel. I’m from Southern California originally, and help non-native English speakers with confidence, fluency and pronunciation.

Currently I provide 60 and 90 Minute English Conversations And Speaking Activities that increase your confidence and fluency in speaking English.

I work with individuals and businesses, dealing in a variety of normal everyday subjects, (including business topics and scenarios) in a dynamic, interactive, fun way. My method is unique and based on my training experience. I model and show proper spoken English grammar, and make corrections when necessary. Because my accent is very clear and from Southern California, practicing with me will also help group members understand all English speakers better as well as American TV, Movies, Youtube videos, and Songs.

My education and qualifications include: a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management; a Sergeant in the U.S. Army;  8 years of experience teaching conversational English abroad and 7 years working with groups of youth and adults in Poland.

If you ask me if I like Poland, YES, I love the country and people. I also like pączki and pierogi.

About my hobbies: I enjoy outdoor recreation and water sports. I like learning about music and anything artistic. I have so many more interests than these, just ask me and I’m sure we will have something in common!

Thank you for having a look at my services.

My schedule is filling quickly. Contact me today in order to schedule your time slot for a new season starting from July 15th, 2019.

Tel.: +48 58 735 34 71, Nathaniel

Why NativeSpeak?

No Memorization. No Text Book. No Problem:)

Memorization and text books are for language schools, and NativeSpeak is not a school. Our approach is completely natural and enjoyable: you learn and remember English simply through engaging in conversations and listening/speaking activities led by a Native Speaker.

Learn English Like A Child

Children absorb language through hearing and speaking. They don’t need hours of grammar practice, text books, or vocabulary lessons. They just listen and speak. Naturally over time, they perfectly understand spoken English and are able to speak with a natural accent. And once they get talking, the problem becomes getting them to stop talking! 🙂

Talk Time

At first the speaking time will be 50/50 between you and a Native Speaker, but as you gain confidence, the speaking ratio will change to 70 percent speaking for you and 30 percent for the Native Speaker. In this way you do most of the talking while the Native Speaker acts as a facilitator of conversation/activities.

Small Corrections

It’s very difficult to naturally have a conversation when being interrupted and corrected all the time. So corrections are kept brief, while confidence and fluency are focused on during the conversation.

Individuals And Groups

Whether having a one on one conversation or a group conversation with a Native Speaker, constant speaking, during activities and conversations, will be happening. The Native Speaker will lead discussions and activities while you speak with him and each other when in groups.

Real World Conversations

No text book conversations, about boring unrelated topics. Talking about current events and what you are passionate about,  leads to better fluency and understanding.



NativeSpeak serves individuals and business groups within the Tri-City Area, Poland.

NativeSpeak is primarily for participants that already know some English or that are currently studying English.

Contact us and get started speaking English like a Native Speaker today!

Contact us today in order to schedule your time slot for a new season starting from July 15th, 2019.

Tel.: +48 58 735 34 71, Nathaniel

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