USA Native Speaker In Gdansk, Poland

My name is Nathaniel, I’m from Southern California originally, I am an English language coach, and I AM HERE FOR YOU.

My passion is helping non-native English speakers with CONFIDENCE, FLUENCY and PRONUNCIATION.

It is now a fact, Gdansk is developing and entering the GLOBAL MARKET with great speed and momentum.

The LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS can be a big HURDLE on your way towards success in this global trend currently hitting Gdansk.

There are so many language schools around where you can learn basic English theory. But only INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE with a NATIVE SPEAKER can bring you confidence and improve your English communication skills to the level you need for successful communication with foreign customers/clients.

I provide CUSTOMIZED IN-OFFICE English conversational blocks for very busy businesses and individuals in Gdansk. My method and reputation have proved themselves with greatly satisfied Gdansk businesses over the years.

REGULAR dynamic and engaging conversations about topics related to your job specialty, work focus and personal interests will increase confidence and therefore PRODUCTIVITY of your team in your office and in your market, this in turn strengthens your business while opening NEW DOORS and OPPORTUNITIES.

P.S. Please do not worry about your level. Just give yourself a CHANCE. We will pick you up from where you are, and within months you will be pleasantly surprised about your new achievements.

Contact me today to check for available days and time slots for TAILORED lessons.

Thank you! Have a GREAT day!

Tel.: +48 575 783 226, Nathaniel

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